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22nd February 2023

University of Leicester

Leicester Innovation Hub, 128 Regent Road

Friday 24th March 2023

This year's symposium seeks to provide a platform for comparative discussions on the primary sources we work with in our research. Each participant provides a primary source along with a brief commentary. Sessions open with short introductions of the sources followed by open discussion.

Primary sources for discussion can take the form of texts (up to 1000 words), ideally in both original language and translation, or a selection of images. Pre-existing editions and translations can be used - the symposium 'reader' will only be available to participants.

We especially encourage participation by postgraduate research students and early career researchers. Participation is free and travel and accommodation bursaries are available for participants without sources of funding.

The symposium will take place in hybrid format for those wishing to participate online, but we hope you can join us in person.

To register, please contact Dr Jan Vandeburie with a brief note on the primary source you would like to bring for discussion and your research focus by Friday 3rd March.

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