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Röhricht’s Regesta Revised: This database is a breakthrough revision in a digitized format of Reinhold Röhricht’s original Regesta regni Hierosolymitani  (1893-1904). The 2016 Revised Regesta offers an expanded and corrected calendar of all the charters, other legal or formal documents and letters and inscriptions originating in the Latin East between 1098 and 1291. All charters are rendered in English.

A Database of Crusaders to the Holy Land: This database of participants and family relationships relating to the expeditions that took place between 1095 - 1149 was compiled by colleagues at the University of Leeds. The University of Leeds has also funded HRI Digital to make the database publicly available as an online research resource.

Troubadours, Trouvères, and the Crusades: This database is hosted by the University of Warwick and contains all crusading songs in Old French and Occitan. Full text of the songs is provided and in many cases there are also translations and commentary.

Bearers of the Cross: This project explaining and showcasing the items of material culture held at the Museum of the Order of St John in London.

Independent Crusaders Project: Fordham University's project takes advantage of emerging digital tools to shed light on individuals who assumed the mantle of crusader and traveled to the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem outside of the major, canonical crusades.

The French of Outremer: This project, also by Fordham Univeristy, aims to contribute to discussions on the medieval use of the French language outside the boundaries of modern-day France by bringing particular attention to French-language sources from Outremer.


The following collections are available courtesy of Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources:

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